Configuring IP RIP md5 Authentication

Has anyone ever ran into a problem where you enable IP RIP Authentication on RIP ver2 interface but the authentication just fail to work even though you know your configuration is correct.

I have found myself in this state many times in the past with RIP Authentication. Sometimes, it works right away, some other times it takes a sometime while other times, it just wouldn’t work!.

When the RIP authentication fails, with RIP debug turned on, you will be seeing that dreaded (invalid authentication) error messages.

What I have found out that may always work, is to follow the step given below to configure RIP authentication;

1. Create the key chain

2. Apply this key to the interface

3. Enable RIP authentication mode md5

4. Create the RIP process with (router rip)

5. If you have created the RIP process prior to step 1, delete it and re-created it in step 4 as shown above.

I have found this to work virtually at all times.

So happy labbing………


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  1. Find me enough information on configering eigrp

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