Long Time Away

Hi Folks,

I have been away for a long time.

And I am happy to be back today.


CIsco has changed the DocCD url again

I think Cisco has made some changes to DocCD web site. The entire page has also been relocated to http://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/psa/default.html?mode=prod

I noticed that while trying to access this new link on my Linux Box, the site seem to only be accessible to someone with a CCO account. But when I tried on my Windows Laptop later, it seem to go straight to the documentations without requesting for CCO Account info

Windows Users may not experience this or maybe, Cisco only ask for the CCO info once and bind this on their database. I am still trying to establish all these sequence of events.

But one thing is certain, DocCD is “relocated”

Free CCIE Scholarship from InternetworkExpert

IE guys have decided to offer 2 CCIE scholarships to any CCIEs to be.

This scholarship gives you every resources at their disposal free of charge to pass CCIE lab.

Application for this will close by June 13, 2008 (new deadline now is June 20) and winner will be annouced sometimes in July.

To learn more, please follow this link.. IE Scholarship

Chance to retake any failed exam free – The “Comeback” Promotion from Cisco

Cisco, through VUE, is offering a promotion from April 15 to October 15, 2008 to retake any written examination that was failed at first attempt, free of charge for the second attempt.

I think this might be very useful to those still preparing for the CCIE Written exams (or any other CIsco examinations).

Please note that both the first & the retake attempts must both take place within the promotional dates.

To learn more, please click this link.   more….

Changing Blog site theme

Wondering if you were still in the same blog site or a different one !!

This is still the Sesano’s CCIE Blog site!

I have just changed the blog site theme as I wish to have 2 column rather than a single column that I had with previous theme.


Nice to be back after a ~3 months break !!!

Hi All,

For family reasons, I have not been able to update this site, as I’ve planned, for over 2 months now.

By end of january, I passed the R & S written exams with very high score !

Afterwards, I kinda got tied down waiting for new baby and now caring for new baby !!

I will be posting some words of advice on the Written later based on my experience.

IE Graded Mock Exam for $99 – buy now, do it anytime !!

When I read about this offer from Internetwork expert, I was not sure if one purchases the exam now, is there any time limit as to when the mock lab should be scheduled.

 I placed a phone call to IE office today and they confirm, if I buy the mock lab now, I can do it anytime I am ready  for the CCIE lab (which is still a fairly long time to come).

So for people working towards their CCIE like myself, it is a good offer to buy now that it is just $99.